Story of a Shipperke

A dog lover like me finds a Schipperke an amazing partner at times aside from having it is as a pet. A Schipperke is an intelligent kind of a dog despite its size. A Schipperke is one of the most famous pet in Belgium. This pet was recognized around the world during the 20th century as a shepherd dog after it emerged in Belgium in the 16th century. Because of its limited history of how this appeared, people simply called it ‘Spitske’.

Actually, this kind of dog is very kind and its ears make itself so cute because of its ears standing straight atop its head. Normally, this dog is compassionate to its master that he is able to listen to what his master says. They have silky fur, easy to take care and wash. It is easily combed and few hairs only fall down. This is why there is no problem keeping this dog in the house. Almost all the sheepdogs are color black so they are not easily seen during the night when they go out playing.

Such is a beautiful feature of a dog. They like playing when they are outside. They are not lazy to run here and there unlike some dogs. This kind is really passionate although it is weak when it comes to guarding. They have a strong fighting system when it comes to their health depending on the environment they are in. Sometimes, they easily get sick when they are not comfortable with the climate or with the unpleasant surrounding.