Breed Characteristics

The Schipperke is one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. Although it had a nickname of a “little black devil”, the reality is that its overall appearance is one of the cutest of all dog breeds. Its face is similar with that of a fox and it always wear a big smile that makes it more appealing and charming. It is usually described as a “sturdy” dog as well. It weighs between 10 to 16 pounds. When you look at it carefully, it seems it is wearing a cape.

When it comes to its qualities or characteristics, know that this dog breed is  “very excellent”. It would be good if you have this dog at home too. However, take note that it is not the right breed for everyone. Do you know why? It has a “take-charge kind of dog”. So, its owner should be very strong in personality and independent too. The Schipperke dog is also “highly intelligent” and “independent”. Also known to be “mischievous, very energetic, excellent watchdog, and alert”.

The owner of this dog breed has to share the same or similar characteristics with it to establish a great bond and relationship. If you want to bring home with you this dog, then consider carefully if you can handle it because of its characteristic. It has “athletic ability” that makes it more interesting especially if you are a person who love sports. When you train this dog, train it with firmness, patience, and consistency with short and fun sessions.