Quick Facts to Know

When it comes to having the Schipperke dog as a pet, there are some important things to consider. Know its breed information and personal characteristics. Once you know it, think carefully if it is the right dog breed for you. If you both share almost the same personal traits, then you can have it. But if not, try to look for another dog breed for your own good. This dog breed is described as “active, intelligent, and curious”. They too have the tendency to be stubborn.

It has a size that ranges from 13 to 16 lbs. for male and 12 to 15 lbs. for female Schipperke. Its height at withers in male is 12 inches while for female is 11 inches. It has a distinctive feature of having natural upright ears. Expect this dog to be very energetic and needs exercise. Its exercise requirements is at least 40 minutes a day. This dog breed usually lasts for 12 to 16 years which makes it a great pet. Expect that it has a low tendency to drool, snore, and dig.

But in terms of barking, it is high. Also, it needs a high social attention. Know also that the Schipperke is bred for barge watchdog. Its coat has a medium length, double coat and straight, and black. It needs a moderate grooming. If you truly want to have this dog, it has to be trained with the help of an experienced trainer. This active dog does not require a large yard because of its size. Enjoy being with this dog breed!