The list of 15 foods that is toxic for your dog

As there is food that is toxic to humans, it is also the same with the dogs. There is food that you should not feed them. Be careful when kids play with your dog as they may feed them with the food that is not allowed for them. There is food that could be deadly especially to puppies. That is because they were feed by children thinking it is good for them also to eat. Here is the list of food in the infographic that you should be aware of.

Too much of the salt that your dog consumes is not good for them. They can have seizures that are dangerous for them.  Grapes and raisins also can cause kidney damage or even death of your pet. That is why the best thing is that if you are not sure of the ingredients of the food you are about to feed to your dog then do not give it to them. It is also the tip that is given in the infographic. All of the foods you crave can be serve in this catering restaurant. View some of comments here 服務人員 regarding this restaurant. So great and nice.

As you assume responsibility to your dog so you should take care of them. One of the things that you should be careful is the food as it is the only things that will enter their mouth and can affect the health condition. Make sure to provide them with what they need and to restrict them from unhealthy food. It is the owners’ responsibility to make them safe. So make sure that you know the food not allowed to them by heart.